Local Leaders Announce Support for County Board Candidate Reid Foltyniewicz

County and Local Endorsements

Mike Fugiel, Former Lombard Trustee
John Novak, Former DuPage County Treasurer
Tommy Russell, Knights of Columbus Grand Knight
Bill Ware, Lombard Park Board Commissioner and Former Lombard Trustee
Zach Wilson, Former Lombard Trustee
Jim Zay, DuPage GOP Chairman and County Board Member District 6
Evelyn Sanguinetti – Former Lt. Gov / Candidate for DuPage Clerk
Asif Yusuf – Oak Brook Village Trustee / York Committeeman
Dan Kordik – York / Candidate for County Board District 2
Catherine Gavin – Milton Committeeman / Former Glen Ellyn Village Clerk
Tonia Khouri – Naperville Chairman
Tim Elliott – Former D4 County Board Member / Candidate for D4 Forest Perserve
Maria Reyes – Candidate CB#1
Justin Burau – Congress D3
Jack Novak – Park District President and Downers Grove Committeeman and Veteran
Rich Jorgensen, DuPage County Coroner
Jim Nagle – Oak Brook Village Trustee
Mark Revis – Will County Board Candidate
Mark Hoyert – DuPage Young Republicans President / Wayne Township Trustee
Jeff Redick – Fromer D2 County Board Member / Former D2 Forest Perserve Member
Scott Levin – Elmhurst Mayor

Township Leaders

Jeff Castle, Milton Township Trustee
Tony Cuzzone, York Township Clerk
Erica Militello, York Township Trustee
Anthony Pacilli, York Township Trustee
John Valle, York Township Supervisor
Deanna Wilkins – York Township Assessor
Dick Shroeder – York Township Highway Commissioner
Hosanna Korynecky, York Township Republican Women Secretary
Jeff Mussatto – York Township Trustee
Matthew Rasche – Naperville Township Assessor
Paul Santucci – Naperville Township Trustee
Bob Schillerstrom – Former DuPage Chairman
Noel Talutto – Elmhurst Alderman / Future York Township Chairman

Township Committeemen

Jay Gribaskaus, Milton Township
Steve Johnson, Milton Township
Jeff Marek, York Township
Steve Militello, York Township
Carol Voss, York Township
Martin Hare – York Township
David Novotny – York Township PC of the Year
Phil Matthew – York Township
Kevin O’Reilly, York Township
Chuck Smith – Milton Committeeman
Colin Diamond – Mitlon Committeeman
Carl Lofgren – Milton
Gladys Novotny – York Township
Michael Ledonne – York / Former County Board Memeber
Drew Janikowski – York Township

Law Enforcement & Veterans

Deputy Chief Tom Lillie
Chief John Krull
Commander Mark King
Sergeant Erica Huff
Sergeant/Veteran Alyson Kern
Officer Mike McTighe
Officer Katie Yager
Bob Corbino – Veteran
Mike Mikulecky – Veteran
Daniel Foltyniewicz – Veteran
Detective Jason Nieves
Detective Sergeant Brian Strockis
Commander Joe Fitzgerald
Officer Timothy Walsh – Veteran
Tim Perry – Police Chaplain / Veteran / Spirtual Leader