Lifelong Community Servant Reid Foltyniewicz is Running for DuPage County Board’s 4th District

Lombard Village Trustee and Local Police Officer is Running to keep Chicago Crime and Chicago Politics Out of DuPage County

Reid Foltyniewicz, lifelong Lombardian, 16-year veteran of the Oak Brook Police Department, and 8-year Lombard Village Trustee, announced today he is running for the DuPage County Board in District 4.

Reid wants to bring active leadership to the DuPage County Board. “It’s time to focus on what really matters,” Reid Foltyniewicz said. “If elected to serve, my priorities will be to keep our families safe, lower taxes and bring jobs to DuPage County, and actively serve the community.”

For Reid Foltyniewicz, service just comes naturally. His career in public safety gives Reid a unique perspective on the community. He is a 16-year veteran of the Oak Brook Police Department, starting as a patrol officer before being promoted to a detective, Patrol Sergeant, and most recently, Administrative Sergeant.

“I’m uniquely qualified to address how we tackle our county’s biggest challenge: the crime coming out of Chicago and Cook County,” said Foltyniewicz. “I’m done with this violent crime invading DuPage County. We need to prevent crime, and when crime does occur, criminals must be charged and locked up. Thankfully, we have an excellent sheriff, state’s attorney, and judges in our county who are doing just that.”

His desire to further preserve and promote our community inspired Reid to run for the Lombard Village Board of Trustees in 2013. During his tenure serving locally, he chaired the Finance & Administration Committee and the Public Safety & Transportation Committee, where he always looked for ways to streamline services and eliminate luxuries in budgets to save residents money.

Reid’s leadership style on the board has been to go beyond the passive “open door policy” so many politicians lazily claim to have. He believes community leaders should actively engage in meeting community members where they are—it’s why even after being elected to the board, Reid went door to door and handed out his contact card to constituents. His commitment to the community earned Reid the John Egan Award for Distinguished Service and later being named a nominee as Lombard Man of the Year.

Now, Foltyniewicz is ready to protect and serve our county, and wants to bring active leadership to the DuPage County Board. “Enough of the childish, Chicago-style politics on our county board,” Foltyniewicz said.We’re there to serve DuPage, not grandstand or create division. I will work with anyone willing to put politics aside and do what’s best for the families of DuPage County.”